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7 Day Spiritual Bootcamp: Living in Love

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A spiritual retreat for the “spiritually curious”

I often tell people, we’re not woo-woo, we’re only one woo =)

The intersection of where science meets mysticism, learn ancient practices through the lens of modern day science in a way that can be applied to our present lives and challenges.

We are devoted to creating events that change people’s lives long after they leave. For us, it is not just about a few days of you feeling better and then returning to your life as usual. True change is about changing habits and it has a formula.

After years of committed work scouring the worlds of wellness, neuroscience and spirituality, we have created something truly transformative that doesn’t require anything outside of yourself and your ability to give effort. Our guests repeatedly tell us that our retreats are life-changing and the best thing they have ever done for themselves.

We have seen people overcome themselves, their environments and even horrible medical conditions. This doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by understanding the science of change.



Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, General Yoga

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic, Gluten Free, Dairy-free, Egg-free


A day in the life:

Imagine starting your day surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of nature where the only thing on your calendar is to take care of you. Experience a morning routine that involves self-love and a journey into yourself and the ways you want to be. Receive expert guidance in breath work, meditation, yoga, healthy eating and mindfulness.

After the morning practice, nourish yourself with delicious plant-based food, a swim in the pool, a meaningful conversation or even a nap.

The afternoon is for learning and understanding the power of what you are doing on a deeper level than you ever have before. Start to plant the seeds to take some of these new tools home with you so you feel good long after the retreat is over.

As the sun sets we wind down our day with a big family-style dinner, reflections and lots of laughs. Make it a habit to recap your day in gratitude, what went well and what will you start to shift. Our evening practices of sound baths and yoga Nidra will set you up for deep and restful sleep.

This retreat is for you if:

you’re ready to make a shift in your life, whether it is finding more joy in the present moment or something much bigger. We are obsessed with helping people live each day as the best day of their lives.

Changing your environment

The first step in true change is to get out of your “known” by changing your physical environment. By changing your physical environment you are immediately creating new neural pathways and the opportunity to have new experiences by stepping into the unknown. By waking up each day and having the same experiences over and over again, we become conditioned to our external environment and it becomes extremely hard to change.

Changing your habits

In order to create new habits the first step is simply to recognize the ones we have and which ones we would like to change. By stepping out of our day-to-day we get a broad snapshot of our lives and can begin to prune away the thoughts and feelings we want to change, this leads to better decisions and eventually we develop new habits.

Changing your life

Whether you want to just feel a bit better, feel a bit more joy or gratitude in your life, or perhaps you need to fully reset, that change begins with a first step and with knowledge. We pride ourselves on meeting you where you are. We have had people come on our retreats that are of all ages and all races. The have all kinds of different jobs (especially jobs devoted to helping others). They face all kinds of challenges, but they all have one thing in common, they say “yes” to change.

Here’s what we will teach you…


The word meditation means to become familiar with. So as you become familiar with the thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of the old self,⁣ you’re retiring that old self. When you have the proper formula and do this enough times, it’ll begin to become familiar to you. We will give you this formula!

We will teach you how to:

  • Release – thoughts, emotions, and decisions that no longer serve you
  • Manifest – how to draw experiences to you through mindful meditation
  • Harness – how to take the feeling of meditation with you after you finish

Breathing techniques

Many people don’t realize that our body’s main system of detoxification and disease prevention is through breathing. Breath also directly affects our central nervous system, brain, and heart health. These practices have been passed down as a way to become more self-aware, heal ourselves and calm our minds.

We will teach you how to use your breath to regulate multiple systems in the body. The yogis call breathing techniques “pranayama” prana is said to be the life force that moves all things and Yama means “to expand” — when we harness that force we become truly unlimited. We will teach you breathing techniques for:

  • Energizing – waking up the body and the vital internal functions of the body
  • Balancing – bringing us back into homeostasis and a calm, clear state
  • Resting – preparing for deep and lucid sleep so you benefit from truly letting go


Learn how to develop a safe and effective moving meditation practice for anybody and any body, a practice that you can take anywhere and do anytime. You will learn to look at yoga as a “work in” not a “work out” – a way to develop more self awareness and something you genuinely love to do from John Quirk, a master yoga teacher with over 1,000 hours of training and thousands of students taught. Whether you are brand new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, there’s plenty to help your yoga practice on this retreat.

Our system emphasizes breath, internal awareness and fun (fun is mandatory). In this way, the practice is therapeutic, healing and something you genuinely enjoy doing. Yoga was created as a system of self awareness to achieve longer meditations and higher levels of consciousness and we honor that in the way we teach. We will teach you:

  • Foundations – how to take simple movement patterns and link them together
  • Flow – how to link your movements with your breath to turn your practice into moving meditation
  • Progression – no matter where you are, we will give you steps and support to advance your practice and maximize your time on your mat

Cold Therapy

Athletes have known about many of the physiological benefits of cold therapy for years, the latest science suggests in addition to muscle recovery we can actually become better at fighting off disease, have decreased cortisol levels (stress hormone) and even burn calories.

Our favorite benefit of the cold however is the difficulty, it’s never easy but it is always rewarding to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. This has a profound effect on the brain and your ability to overcome challenges.


We live in a time where it is not enough to simply know, we want to know the how and why of what we are doing. To be empowered with knowledge is to also believe in what you are doing, this in turn creates even more benefits for the practitioner. We will teach you:

  • Neuroscience – what is actually happening in your brain when you breathe, meditate and move with intention
  • Psychoneuroimmunology – how our thoughts, feelings and emotions can literally make us sick or healthy. The science of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems.
  • Quantum Physics – how energy is literally everywhere and in everything, especially our thoughts and behaviors.

Moderate Cancellation Policy

  • 100% deposit refund for cancellation 60+ days before retreat start date.
  • 50% deposit refund for cancellation 30-59 days before retreat start date.
  • 0% deposit refund for cancellation 0-29 days before retreat start date.

Remaining Balance

  • Remaining balance is due 30 days before the retreat start date.
  • If paid at the time of booking, a full refund of the remaining balance is available up to 30 days before your retreat start date.
  • If you cancel 0-29 days before your retreat start date remaining balance is not refundable.


  • Shut off your technology, and experience how amazing it feels to unplug
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected
  • Have a wonderful time learning a different practice than your own
  • Become stronger mentally and find inner peace
  • Recover from a long period of stressful work or family situations
  • The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature

What Makes This Retreat Special

Why choose SoCal Wellness Retreats?

There are SO many retreats to choose from, why should you consider coming to ours? Based on the experience of our guests, the most common feedback is that our retreats are life changing. People go back into their lives filled with more joy and love and the best part is they know how to keep that feeling going.


Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, General Yoga


Food can be a big part of helping us feel our best. We source organic, local produce to provide private chef-prepared meals that are delicious without being heavy.

We also love to teach about how to move towards a more whole-food, plant-based diet safely with some great tips and tricks!


San Diego, California, USA
We love San Diego because of its diverse landscapes and accessibility to nature but also major travel hubs. The sunsets are stunning, and the weather is perfect almost every day of the year. It's truly hard to beat!


From athlete to corporate burnout to world-traveling yogi.

Growing up as an athlete I never really thought about my goals to wellness or feeling good — things were simpler when you had an opponent staring back at you and the energy of adolescence on your side.

As my time slipped away to a career I didn’t like and keeping up with rent in the New York City market, I became increasingly aware I had no idea how to make myself feel “good.”

I still knew how to work out and eat right, but something was missing in terms of where my life was leading me and who I saw myself becoming. In 2014 the most amazing thing happened to me. I got fired.

Suddenly I had an opportunity to ask myself, what do I REALLY want to do with my life. I whittled it down to yoga and hockey. Since the NHL was probably a long shot at 28, I decided to enroll in yoga teacher training and the experience shifted several things inside and outside of me.

I set out teaching as much as I could (it takes a LOT of yoga classes to pay the rent in NYC) and didn’t look back. It became more and more clear to me New York was serving the old version of me and not who I wanted to eventually become, so I packed up the car and my two rescue dogs and headed to San Diego California.

The west coast has felt like home right from the start. The emphasis on quality over quantity of life took what I already knew and put it in the fast lane (I was literally shocked how people drive in CA when I got here, on a side note).

I’ve been able to start a yoga retreat center in Warner Springs that has hosted hundreds of people wanting to learn about yoga, meditation, breathing techniques and so much more. We get to play in nature, practice yoga, we laugh, we cry and I always usually have vegan ice cream in the freezer.

Retreats began interestingly enough for me not close and local as many teachers do however, I jumped right into international retreats and never looked back. I’ve traveled to Costa Rica and Bali Indonesia, now six times, to bring groups on adventure and self-study retreats that are nourishing for the body and for the soul.

Now my interest lies in self-study, yoga asana, and primal movement, building community, long dog walks, swims in the ocean, roller hockey on Sundays, cooking vegan food, growing my garden, loving, and cultivating friendships, and learning.

Thank you for reading a bit about who I am and what I am passionate about. If there’s a way for me to support you, please let me know.

7 days / 6 nights





USD $800


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7 days / 6 nights





USD $800


You won't be charged yet

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