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Our Story
Restore your Mind, Body & Soul Our Philosophy. Our Vision We Believe In Harnessing The Healing Capabilities To Support Your Vitality
Healing Body Energy

Restore your Mind, Body & Soul Our Philosophy 

Our Vision We believe in harnessing the healing capabilities to support your vitality. Our world-class Wellness Retreats form an integral part of the Healing Body Energy experience.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate safety, promote peace, and foster a deep sense of connection with our body, mind, and soul. We assist in achieving balance by co-creating spaces that benefit this process. Healing Body Energy strives to awaken the power of the human spirit. We support individuals on their path to living a personally meaningful and balanced life. Through education, movement, contemplation and loving kindness, we encourage holistic values that become a catalyst for social change. Present Moment is a sacred place of spiritual practice designed to enliven the body, stimulate the mind, express emotion, and renew the spirit.

Facilitate Safety

Permote Peace

Spirtual Practice

Our therapists, as well as alternative practitioners provide our clients with a wide range of treatment options, whether you are simply in need of deep relaxation or an energy boost, a completely different lifestyle, or if you are dealing with health issues we can help at Healing Body Energy Retreats
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Mexico's Top Wellness Resort & Yoga Retreat

“I believe that we are all walking a path towards true vitality and peace, and we have boundless, untapped energy and healing abilities if we give ourselves the blessing to explore the true essence of our Being.”
Awaken your soul from within to unleash your true power and potential of your highest self.

We adhere to our values in all that we do We follow these values at HBE

  • Teamwork and motivation
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Respect for each other, our land, and everything at Healing Body Energy
  • Loyalty, warmth, empathy, politeness, and helpfulness towards our guests

We offer something very unique
When it comes to vacation, we believe that there should be more than flat screen TVs in air-conditioned rooms. Vacation can be an opportunity to work on ourselves and nurture our wellbeing.

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