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Spiritual healers


My journey towards spiritual healing started in 2014 during my travels through Bali, Nepal, Thailand, India. There I was introduced to the practices of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Ayurveda, through which I discovered a new concept of Life and Wellbeing. Travels led me to Mexico, where in 2019 I took my Yoga teacher training in Satya Vinyasa and later in creative Vinyasa.
In 2021 I became an official Reiki Master and was certified in Akashic Records Reading. All these practices help me every day to connect to my essence, recognize my lights and shadows and work towards a better version of myself.

This is what I want to share during my sessions So that everyone can receive and benefit from these powerful and loving disciplines.
Satay Yoga: Chakra Activation, Creative Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Yin/ Yan, Slow Flow.
Reiki: Receive the loving and relaxing energy to remove blockages provoked by physical injuries or emotional imbalances.
Akashic Records: Connect with the memories of your soul, receive messages on your evolution, and live with more consciousness.

energetic healers


Fernando combines his live work in Energetic Healing, Spiritual Guide, Educator,Reiki , Kundalini Reiki Bodywork , Family Constellations ,Kundalini Yoga, Prana Vidya, Sound Healing, Active Meditations and Alternative therapies, Cocoa therapies, to awaken the mind, body and soul into a renewed sense of being.

Sound healers

Vibrational Alchemist, Sound Healing, Ging Mastery, Sound Journey, A gentle, relaxing and healing massage, that will bring your body into a calm state! Meditation, Essential oils, delicate music and the tender touch of Alessandra will help you to surrender and be open to release stress and tensions!

Feel held, peaceful and nurtured with unconditional Love! This tender, gentle healing massaging nurtures and cares for you on all levels. Feel held, supported and peaceful as your body is engulfed with unconditional love. This nurturing oil massage guarantees relaxation with every touch from the heart.
She uses the Harp as her primary instrument, but also bring drum, flute, singing bowls and chimes for the meditation!

Sound healers

Sound Massage With Tibetan Bowls
It’s an individual sound massage. The bowls place strategically along the body. Gabby starts activating them by sound vibrations, chakras, and energy channels of the body start balancing. The whole body adopts a deep state of relaxation and in that state is when the body begins to heal. It is a deep therapy that works on different levels of the body: physical, emotional, subtle, and molecular.

The therapy
It is deep sound therapy. You will lie down on a massage bed and Gabby will start to tune with you in the same frequency through pranayamas and aromatherapy meanwhile he will place the bowls along the body.

She works with mindfulness, channelling the person’s energy and bringing consciousness to the present moment. Because of her technical background, She has a profound understanding of how sound waves work: what kind of colour, duration, and tones. In her channelling, she knows how to create the specific sound waves that each person needs to balance and harmonize their bodies.
“Everything around me is music, the universe is made of music, everything we perceive, see, smell, feel … is music”

Purpose + Benefits
It works at different levels from the physical body, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This therapy is customized to treat injuries, digestive problems, low back pain, sciatica, decrease stress, strengthen the immune system, sleep problems, regulate heart pressure, deflate cells, and release endorphins, among others. The therapy works with mental oscillations, taking them to theta and delta states, which are states of deep meditation where we can reach higher states of consciousness.

Hatha Yoga, Kriya Kundalini Tantra, and Ashtanga Vinyasa

At the age of 25, soon after he realized there was more to life than working for big companies, Pablo sold all his belongings, traveled for almost 2 years through Asia, and dedicated his life to healing and self-improvement. He learned and experimented with a variety of holistic techniques that he now incorporates into his bespoke therapies, workshops, retreats & classes.

He has completed 1200 hours of teacher training in Hatha Yoga, Kriya Kundalini Tantra, and Ashtanga Vinyasa, he has also studied Ayurvedic Therapy and Treatment, Prana Vidya, and Reiki.

He has delved deep into his own personal practice and he now guides others on their spiritual path and journey to the essence of their being. Communicating these perspectives to people who are not familiar and want to learn more about the benefits through orientation, and guiding them on their personal spiritual health has become the path that inspires him and has given his purpose in life.
Pablo combines his life work in Energetic Healing, Ayurvedic massage Bodywork with Yoga and Tantric traditions to awaken the mind, body, and soul into a renewed sense of being.

He passionately shares this process with others so they can experience the powerful benefits that have transformed his life.
Pablo combines his live work in Energetic Healing, Massage Bodywork and Agatha Yoga, Tantra, Reiki, Prana Vidya, and Ayurvedic therapy to awaken the mind, body and soul into a renewed sense of being.

He’s spent the Last 10 years of his life and more than 1,200 hours in study, practicing and improving several spiritual Techniques that has led him to be a one of a kind healer who has very deep knowledge and intuition about people’s energy blockages.

Training and Workshops
Mukta Yoga, Cuidad Mexico -TCC 200 hours Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga.
Rishikesh Yogpeeth, RishikeshIndia – TCC 300 hours Hatha Yoga.
Sohyaa, North Goa India -TCC 200 hours Kryia Kundalini Yoga.
Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care, Trivandrum Kerala India – Ayurvedic Therapy and Treatment Course 200 hours
Reiki 1 & 2, Rishikesh India – Breath Yoga Workshop, Rishikesh India – Tantra Initiation 200 hours

Naturopathic Therapies

Naturopathic Therapies by Juan P

Ayurvedic reflexology:
This is an ancestral therapy, of immemorial origin, present in all the great cultures of Antiquity. It is not painful or invasive. It has no negative side effects or general contraindications. My work is exclusively on the patient’s feet. Who I only touch with my hands, with a special technique similar to acupressure. Our feet are like a mirror. That reflects our entire Being. From our organs and systems to our emotional and bioenergetic bodies.

This is the great contribution of Reflexology. Being considered one of the most suitable therapies to remove stress and energy blockages. It also has a wide range of beneficial effects for our health. The reason why in Antiquity it was the therapy par excellence of kings, pharaohs, and even gods. Strengthens the immune system. Activates blood circulation. Relieves pain, reduces insomnia and improves sleep quality. It is excellent for promoting detoxification of the body. Ideal for preventing virus infections.



It is a traditional massage. The therapist works on the whole body: legs, back, arms, and neck. It is ideal to relax and release tension. Reduce pain and strengthen the immune system. Improves circulation and cellular oxygenation. Increase the production of endorphins. Eliminate toxins.

Combined Techniques:
In addition to the benefits already described in relaxing massage, here the therapist combines various techniques. Ranging from classic to deep tissue. Going by hand, foot, and ear reflexology. Reiki, bioenergetics and biomagnetism.

Intuitive Massage:
In synergy with the patient, where the therapist applies various techniques according to the needs detected. Following your intuition to stimulate self-healing. Applying special attention to the emotional and energetic.

In Couples:
They are two therapists who at the same time provide a massage for a couple. – 120 and 180-minute sessions are also available. In this case, as in that of Couples, the price is higher. 


Biomagnetism is a therapy that consists of the use of special magnets to detect and alleviate or heal a wide variety of ailments. Strengthen the immune system. Integrate with other therapies or treatments. It is not painful or has negative side effects. Due to its great success in recent years, it began to be called “the medicine of the future.” It is ideal for preventing or healing virus infections.

Ear Candling:
It is a therapy of millenary origin. Which consists of the use of special candles, hollow inside, which are placed on the patient’s ears. And after setting fire to one of its limbs, a effect of vacuum inside the ear canal. That together with a warm steam that enters the cavities cranial, generates a cleaning and detoxification of our ears.

But it also has multiple benefits, such as example from relieving colds or headaches, to healing tinnitus. Ideal for relieving discomfort from colds or flu. Among many others. It is not painful, it is relaxing. It is not invasive or has negative side

Reflexology + Biomagnetism + Aromatherapy + Reiki. -Massage + Reflexology + Aromatherapy + Reiki. -Traditional healing + massage + reflexology + aromatherapy + reiki. –


Food is one of the fundamental pillars of our health. So through this the advice, I give you the possibility of becoming aware of this important aspect. Along with a detailed program of options and alternatives to strengthen your immune system, detoxify your body, relieve and heal ailments, and achieve fullness, the natural well-being of our body.


Through techniques and methods of immemorial origin, and just as my grandparents and my ancestors did, I treat all kinds of ailments, ailments, diseases, etc. Without pain or medication, using a tape, I provide sessions for people of any age.


It is a remote biomagnetism application. I work from my place in Tulum, and whoever receives can be anywhere in the world. Regardless of the distance. It is ideal for treating a wide variety of problems. With a high degree of effectiveness. Without any contraindication or side effects. Ideal to strengthen the immune system. Detoxify and prevent or treatany virus infection. Workshops available: Reflexology, EarCandling, Natural Cosmetics, Biomagnetism.


Priyananda Shamanic Healer Priyananda will bring you back to the roots of our ancestral knowledge, a unique, deep connection, where there will be no lack of laughter and the joy of this encounter with our true ORIGIN. Here where the Power of Nature frees our spirit, allowing us to recover the native worldview to live fully in harmony and balance. explore the cycle of life to heal internal wounds, embracing self-love and reconnecting with the source of life.

We will learn to use sexual energy transforming it into Healing, Love, Evolution, Health, Prosperity, Balance and Pleasure. We will use tools from Yoga, Ancestral Medicine Ayurveda, active meditations and specifically the potential of sexual energy, to focus on the creation and manifestation of ideas and projects.

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