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The all-new essential training with renowned teacher and Shammon, Priyananda. Experience these three transporting Kundalini meditations to activate your life-force, reboot your nervous system, and make your mind blissful and calm! Anyone can do it, regardless of your age, gender, or any physical limitations you may have. This practice will meet you right where you’re at.

Activate Your Life Force

This dynamic meditation that you can do in just five minutes will oxygenate your blood, helping you to feel vital, uplifted, and inspired. You may be surprised at how simple and easy it is to transport yourself to a meditative, blissful state.

Total Energy Reboot

Practice this incredible meditation for just five minutes, you’re going to feel energized & focused. This meditation is known to help beat melancholy and depressed feelings. Tune in to get recharged right now — and feel vital and inspired throughout your day!

The Calm & Blissful Mind

This simple, but powerful meditation is scientifically proven to improve memory function, decrease inflammation, and even reverse dementia. In this short session, I’ll also show you how to continue learning these practices and integrate them into your life for powerful results…check it out!

Using three dynamic exercises, you’ll learn how to transport yourself into an enlivened blissful state – – and you’ll know (or remember) exactly what meditation really feels like. For the vast majority of folks, it delivers on the very first try. If it’s worry that’s stressing you out, these exercises are like finding a soothing treasure. If it’s depression you struggle with, they’re like sunshine which lights you up from the inside out!


A Virtual Sound Therapy session includes a healing sound experience with the harp or singing bowls. Your session with KAYLA begins with a discussion on your immediate needs.
You can choose to address any particular area of your life that you are wanting to bring healing; emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. Kayla helps you to find your intention for the session and puts that into focus during the music experience.
These sessions are partly guided as Kayla talks you through relaxation techniques, imagery and positive affirmations. These sessions are held online on Zoom. You can choose either 1 hour, 45-minutes or 30-minute session. If you are new, 1 hour is recommended. If you are a repeating client then you can sign up for a 30-min session.


Energy Healing ~ Windsor-Essex County, ON Trained in Therapeutic Touch, I provide energy healing which is a natural healing modality that assists with relaxation and healing. It relieves pain, stress and anxiety while improving sleep and overall well-being.

People undergoing cancer treatment find this type of energy work highly beneficial. People dealing with Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, burns or other painful skin or nerve conditions prefer this modality for the short session times as well as the process itself. Energy Healing is effective with or without touching the person receiving treatment.

Sessions are typically 20 to 30 minutes.
Distance Healing is offered around the globe. 


What Can You Expect From This Breathwork
30 Minute Conscious Breathwork Session
Bring awareness to the breath to go beyond what you normally understand of the world. learn how your own breath can give you information about yourself or your situation, that you didn’t have or know already.

Tools to Integrate Breathwork Into Your Daily Life

You’ll walk away from this webinar with tools and takeaways that will allow you to bring the transformative and insightful experience of breathwork into your daily routine

Understanding the Power of Inquiry

Learn powerful lessons in self-inquiry, using the breath to discover your own tender path towards healing unresolved traumas, processing grief, and reducing anxiety.

More About Breathwork

Our brain uses 20-25% of our oxygen supply as nourishment. But in today’s world with pollution, air-conditioned environments, and less exercise, we are not getting what we need. The result is dimmed mindful awareness, but we have gotten so used to it that we think of it as normal. We accept diminished vitality as our baseline, and our brain learns to live with less.

So what could happen if we increased the dosage? With the Alchemy of Breath, we increase the supply of oxygen to the brain. We awaken the system again, and through our connected breath pattern, we not only restore our brain with what it craves, but much more, too. For those that have meditated before, you will find the experience a powerful way to support your practice. For those who know they should meditate, but don’t, the Alchemy of Breath will provide you with an instant opportunity to connect to the benefits of deep meditation.

The body is an archive of everything we are born with, as well as all the trauma we may have faced. Learning to live with and cope with unresolved traumas is possible, but limits us. What if there was another method, one that connected us with ourselves in a positive, supporting, and compassionate way?

In our busy lives, where the demands of our work and home life compound the stress and anxieties that we suffer, what if we had a tool we could use as a remedy?

One that could not just reduce the pressure, but reawaken our enthusiasm, reconnect us with our passion, and even act as a guide for the way forward? What if the answer lies in each of us, and the quickest way to it is through our breath? Let us seek resolution and not just settle for the temporary relief distraction. Let us reduce the need for exhaustion, obsessive behavior, and even medications, as a way of finding balance.


Emotional Freedom Technique Online service

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a practical body/mind self-help method – a process of mindful and intentional tapping (gently, with fingertips) on several acupuncture meridian end-points on the face and upper body. An EFT intervention utilizes the same pathways/channels found in traditional Chinese energy medicine, whilst also capitalizing on our ability to think about or “tune-in” to our problem or issue in proactive ways. EFT or “tapping” is easy to learn and flexible enough to be used by anyone. It can allow us to transform the way we respond to uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and troubling memories. Whether it is used alone or together with an experienced practitioner, EFT can bring surprising – and lasting – relief, change the energy we bring to any life situation, and so much more.

As we explore EFT for ourselves,

we can become more aware of how our thoughts, beliefs and emotions affect us physiologically – and we can make changes for the better. We can do this wonderful technique on Skype or Zoom – click on the book now to be directed to my email. Here are some of the issues that I can help with (please let me know if there is anything else that you would like to work on that isn’t listed here too: Panic Attacks – Stress – Anxiety – Self esteem – Confidence – PTSD – Trauma – Phobia’s – Coping techniques – Sadness – Depression – Relaxation – Breathing techniques – Insomnia – Depression – Mood swings – Pain management – Relationships – Exam stress – Performance and Public speaking – Achieving your full potential – Working with the inner child – Fears.

Guided Yoga & Chakra Breathing Session

combination session of Satay Yoga Chakra Activation, Creative Vinyasa,Power Vinyasa,Yin/ Yan, Slow Flow. Chakra breathing breath-work. Chakra Breath-work supports so many of the challenges everyone experiences. It reduces stress, creates feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection. Breathwork also helps release trauma or mental, physical, and emotional blocks, as well as anxiety, depression, fear, grief, and anger.

  • Creative Vinyasa
  • Yin/ Yan
  • Slow Flow
  • Tantra 

Tantra yoga is a type of yoga that is usually based on a more intense and demanding practice. In addition, it is characterized by including: The use of mandalas: concentric diagrams made up of circles, squares and other geometric figures. Mantra recitation. Hatha Yoga Hathaway Yoga you move your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness

  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga 

Reiki Session

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing modality. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy”. Reiki is not affiliated with any particular religion or religious practice. Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy.

When our energy becomes blocked or weak it can potentially lead to physical or emotional imbalance.
A Reiki session can help ease stress and help the body to facilitate an environment for healing physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Sessions are typically 1 hour.

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