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5 Day Ayuasca Retreat in Akumal Tulum, Mexico

We invite you with all the LOVE to this transformative meeting of Ancestral Healing by the hand of the Ancestral Healer Priyananda
 Transformation Ceremony (YAGE TIGRE) Ayahuasca Traditional Medicine
 Priyananda Ancestral Healer with more than 30 years of experience in this Cosmic walk through several Countries sharing here in Mexico with much Love Ancestral Ceremonies of Healing and Transformation. 
Integrating the powerful cosmic Kundalini Energy and Energy Therapies that will leave you tools to continue your deep healing process in your new vision in your sacred path of life that you are creating.. 
The ceremony is participatory, we all do it, creating a sacred space together, bring your deities and flowers to decorate the altar and if you play an instrument you can bring it for the Kirtan Jamming, create music and chant Ikaros Mantras.

At Healing Body Energy we have a unique team to ensure all our guests receive high quality preparation before the ceremony, and quality guidance during and after the ceremony. Our guests receive the support of an experienced healer shaman. The shaman specialize in plant medicine and specialize in energy medicine.This unique team has been specific design to enhance the quality of your healing journey.
Supervision and Attention
Our ceremonies are with small groups run by our healer shaman. Preparing your body and mindPrior to the retreat the healers will explain how to position your intentions, the importance of honoring the plant, and how to hold a sacred space and protect your energy.This offers the opportunity for guests to let go of any heavy energy and is a therapy based on forgiveness.
This incredible team of healers is highly experienced in practicing the ancient art of ayahuasca shamanism. Through meticulous planning, it has developed a range of ayahuasca retreat programs in our beautiful jungle environment
The shaman specializes in plant medicine and specializes in energy medicine. Our meditation teacher will be guiding mediations during the entire retreat.This unique team has been specific design to enhance the quality of your healing journey.
We are pioneers in ancient medicine – We maintain the tradition and authenticity of ancient healing practices, working with highly experienced healers – The best and safest Ayahuasca retreat around – We guide you to experience the highest frequency of LOVE


The Fire Dome is located next to the fire pit where we gather to play music, chat, and connect with one another. The dome has a palapa style (thatched) ceiling, with an infrastructure that was specially designed by Diego. As you walk into the dome you are presented with a built -in sofa, sitting area next to a window, stairs to the upstairs loft bedroom, and the entrance to the spacious bathroom.

Meal Schedule
— Self Serve —
We balance the need to provide nutritious food for all our guests . We serve tasty, varied, nutritious meals.. At breakfast, we serve fresh fruit, Omelettes etc . A selection of caeinated and herbal teas are freely available.

All of our meals are served buet-style.8:30 am coffee, tea9:00 Am Breakfast12:00 Pm Lunch7:30 Pm Dinner

✓ Private Transportation To And From The Airport.
✓ All Healing Services, Classes, Workshops , Ceremonies
✓ Pre And Post Retreat Support From Our Team
✓ Yoga Classes
✓ Meditation Classes
✓ Pranayama Classes
✓ Water, Tea, Coffee served throughout the day
✓ 3 Daily Delicious and Nutritious Meals
✓ Hotel Accommodation
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