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Ready for a big shift?

5-MeO-DMT toad medicine is a magnificent teacher, and when treated with the necessary respect, is known to facilitate profound transformation.
For those that are called, we foster an environment of peace, safety and service for the growth you experience takes place in the best soil. This retreat offers
exceptional beachfront accommodation with a serene, laid back, bare-foot vibe surrounded by diverse flora and fauna. Enjoy Mexico’s signature fresh food and an on-tap Vitamin D hit each time you venture outside.
Our team of facilitators is highly trained and completely dedicated to this powerful work. We look forward to the possibility of guidingyou along your journey.
Below you will find useful information that will help you feel into this experience.
If you’re ready to move forward, we invite you to connect with us to reserve your place and/or fill out our questionnaire.

What to expect from a 5-MeO-DMT experience (Bufo)

During a breakthrough experience, within 10 seconds of smoking toad venom, the illusion of our separate, egoic self is completely surrendered, and we are left in the awesome presence of an all-encompassing oneness and awareness: all-knowing, all-loving, timeless, without space, and without references or boundaries.
A truly mystical experience.
It’s fair to say the title of God Molecule is well-earned, and 5-MeO-DMT is quickly becoming t

Price starting from 3500.

✓ You’re nearly certain to have a breakthrough
✓ It’s less physically demanding – no bucket required
✓ Ceremonies are short yet powerful, the peak is only 10-20 minutes
✓ Clients receive 100% attention during the peak
✓ Lesser dietary restrictions (although clean is best)
✓ Private consultation
✓ Safety screening
✓ Guidance for retreat preparation
✓ 3 medicine ceremonies
✓ Breathwork session
✓ Cacao ceremony
✓ Private Temazcal sweat lodge [when available]
✓ Group integration & sharing
✓ Yoga and meditation
✓ Massage [by request]
✓ Delicious vegetarian meals
✓ Plenty of time to rest, reflect, and journal
✓ Guidance for integration post-retreat

Our experienced facilitators and healers have decades of knowledge from their holistic approach to health and the sacred medicines, guiding and supporting each guest with utmost care.
Priyana will be your host and lead facilitator. He is an enthusiastic lover of life, and has worked extensively with the sacred medicine across a number of continents for 30 years  Benefit from his background in hospitality, experience working with the sacred medicines across a number of continents, and her ability to find meaning and potential in all things.
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